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master your skill.
perfect your business.
build your brand.

Become your City's Top Recognized & Paid Smile Professional in 30 Days

Laser Teeth Whitening

Learn Step by Step how we turned two "little" certifications into a Smile Empire that has serviced over 4,000 smiles.


This Beginner's Guide is packed with the knowledge we needed to start  earning in the Cosmetic Teeth Industry with absolutely no previous experience.


There's a video.

There's a PDF.

There's strategy.

There's clarity.

And there will be YOU. 

Becoming a Sought After, Highly Requested, In Demand Smile Maker who's greatly educated in your skillset and the business of entrepreneurship, 

You Ready? 

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We have a GRANT program that gives passionate and motivated students up to $1,000 towards your  smile  courses. Apply now!

You're About to Become a Certified Cosmetic Teeth Professional: 
Cheers to Six Months of Education in 4 Weeks

Welcome to the Back of the House!
Here we train and certify SmileMaker's to put on a professional smile transformation show of your own in your city to grow your revenue. 
As the destination Smile Lounge of our city (Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge), having served over 4,000 smiles since we opened our Guest List in 2019, we are the epitome of turning "two little certifications" into profit and philanthropy. 

Crafted by a Black Woman who's a forever Smile Student and Master Certified Tech, supervised by licensed Orthodontist and Dentist, our certification courses equips you with the skills to become a confident—and certified— Technician or Specialist in only four weeks.

We also offer a range of advanced Smileology  classes to help you take your skills to the next level.


At The Smile School, you won’t just learn the art of creating new smiles, you’ll adopt the heart of changing the world with your smile work. Our 300+ graduates can testify to it!

the more you learn, 
the more you earn.

Unlike other training programs, at The Smile School, we refuse withhold any knowledge, experiences, or opportunities back from our Smileologists. We birth Life Changer's  who graduate with top quality education to provide top tier services and experiences to their clients.

PROFESSIONALISM over everything.

Each class is set up to create a real bar shift experience packed with loud music and rapid, continuous smile education and demands—it’s as close to the real thing as you can get! The goal is to build confidence in your abilities, so you can showcase them for the world to see. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to create amazing smiles anywhere while maintaining your professionalism and making a lot of money!


The Smile School is a In- Depth Training Academy for Learners who love the ABC's and 123's of learning.

Our curriculum is intense but easy to retain, and we hate the fluff. We hate the half information. We hate the "pay for the next part" trainings. We teach and certify thoroughly.


Our students have something to prove to the world. The students who are hungry for new opportunities but need a fresh style of teaching. We cater to the students with crazy schedules, big dreams, and short attention spans. We love the students who are ridiculously creative, action packed, and want to be apart of making the world a smiling place. We are dedicated to taking our students from Beginners to Paid Professionals of the Cosmetic Teeth Industry within a minimum of 30 days after enrollment. We give our students PROOF. You were created to be successful. 

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Undergrad Courses & Grad Classes

The most important piece of The Smile School is education. Having the correct information gives you the power to show up confidently when providing your services and it also empowers your clients to trust you. We offer both Online and In- Person courses to fit your preferred learning style. Plus, your education doesn't stop after graduation. We have After School Programs, and Advanced Courses for your continued learning.

The Smile School Electives

The heart & soul of becoming a PAID Professional in any Industry is being able to craft an unforgettable BRND and Client Experience. Art, Music and Recess Classes are focused on the best BRNDing and Marketing strategies for YOUR tribe and how this will show up online and offline. Everybody has a business, but very few businesses have executed a BRND. This is your time to do exactly that. 

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Bar Exam & Work Study

Time to put everything we've taught you to the test. The key to ending our courses successfully is to model your Mastery. Our Bar Exams are timed written assessments which MUST be passed to move into Work Study. Our Work Study program is for hands on demonstration.  You can choose to complete your practicum via LIVE video or come in person to  our Smile Lounge to complete hours there with our clients and supplies. 

We offer both Virtual and In- Person Training


  • Certified Teeth Whitening Technician
  • Authorized Teeth Jewel Specialist
  • Certified Composite Bonding Agent
   LIVE Online Classes (2 Days Per Week for 4 Weeks)
   IN- PERSON Group Training (2-3 Eight Hour Days) 
   IN- PERSON One on One Training (2-3 Eight Hour Days) 
    Continuous Education Classes, Workshops, and
    Training for Graduate Students 
There's a new group of Smile Maker's emerging in this Billion Dollar Cosmetic Teeth Industry... 

We actually care deeply about making our clients smile, and we just happen to be able to feed our families and create legacy while doing it. 

We are thoroughly educated outside of college and it's debt.
We are purposeful and passion driven instead of money hungry.
We are focused on showing up professionally, mastering our skill and creating an experience that provides a legacy for our families. 




I'm India! Owner of Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge + Dean of Thee Smile School and baabbbyy we have hit numbers in the last couple of years that started with two little certifications just like the ones you are about to get here! 

As of 2023, Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge has serviced over 4,000 Smiles in our city AND Thee Smile School just hit 421 students from all over the U.S.A. 

I am fully committed to training, mentoring, and walking you through how to show up as an expert in this industry with little to no previous experience. As a self proclaimed "college dropout", I never imagined making people smile for a living and being able to do it FULL TIME for the last 3 years.

I don't want to teach you how to master this skill though. I want you to Master the Marketing. I want you to Associate with the aspirations of your clients. I want you to get your Bachelors in being booked.

and do it without student loan debt. ..without years and years of classes and without missing valuable time with your family. 

You Ready B? 


The course was awesome and informative. Although it was virtual I feel I received everything I needed. India is an amazing Instructor. 

— Ebony, Certified Teeth Whitening Technician


I greatly enjoyed Teeth Whitening Class. You are a very informative trainer and pleasant person. You made me feel comfortable in class; like I was in good hands. As far as, the gems you gave us on setting up and MARKETING our new business and all the after support you are offering us technicians is magical and greatly appreciated.

Shamika, Teeth Whitening Student

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