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We are Cosmetic Smile Professionals. 

We demonstrate expertise.

We own scroll stopping brands.

We give unforgettable experiences.

We make people smile for a living.

And we make great money doing so.

On our own time, By our own rules.


Plan to Experience:


  • A peek into our Virtual Halls and explore the rich culture of success we've created for Smile Professionals and their businesses

  • Meeting our Founder and Alumni as we chat about making $1,000 1,000 times through creative brand conception and strategic marketing tactics.

  • An In- Depth Look at our Innovative Curriculum, Proven Growth Methodologies and Expert Education

  • Valuable Insight of our Admissions Process plus All Year Scholarship & Grant Opportunities 

"The market is only saturated when you fail to create your own aisle."

Welcome to the Back of The House! The official training grounds for Smile Maker's across the country to learn the in's, outs, and arounds of launching + growing a smile business. 


Our courses, workshops, and resources are consistently curated by Dental Professionals and Entrepreneurial Experts to help our students master both skillset AND business. Because one without the other is a fast  track to failure.


GRANT PROGRAM: monthly we give a partial tuition grant to beginner's of the Cosmetic Teeth Industry who are passionate and ready to dominate their city as the Expert.

Become the Most In- Demand Smilemaker of your City!

Unlike other training programs, at The Smile School, we refuse to withhold any knowledge, experiences, or opportunities back from our Smilemakers. We birth Life Changer's  who graduate with top quality education to provide top tier services and experiences to their clients.

PROFESSIONALISM over everything.

Each class is set up to create a real bar shift experience packed with loud music and rapid, continuous smile education and demands—it’s as close to the real thing as you can get! The goal is to build confidence in your abilities, so you can showcase them for the world to see. After graduation, you’ll be prepared to create amazing smiles anywhere while maintaining your professionalism and making a lot of money!

Certification Courses_edited.jpg


Gain Expert Education

Our curriculums, courses, workshops, and resources are created by licensed and certified Dental Professionals.


Build a Brand That Attracts YOUR Tribe

Having  a scroll stopping brand + a targeted marketing strategy in a saturated market  that caters to your specific people is an ATM machine. 


the Foundation of Business


Successful Entrepreneurship is about understanding the foundations of business including accounting, partnerships, legalities, etc. 

Join a Thriving Smile Community

Being apart of a community specific to your niche is highly important. The Smilefia Family is the mob of teeth. We don't play about smiles and we don't play about you. We focus  your efforts and give you proven and specific strategies to launch & grow.

Our Training Options

JB38 (1).jpg
    Our infamous online, continuing education program for currently Certified Teeth Whitening and Teeth Jewel Specialists to grow your business and see maximum revenue, quickly. 
  • Certified Teeth Whitening Technician
  • Authorized Teeth Jewel Specialist
  • Certified Composite Bonding Agent
  • LIVE Online Classes (2 Days Per Week for 4 Weeks) Tuition: $899
  •  IN- PERSON Group Training (2-3 Eight Hour Days) Tuition: $1549 (includes Full Starter Kit) 
There's a new group of Smile Maker's emerging in this Billion Dollar Cosmetic Teeth Industry... 

We actually care deeply about making our clients smile, and we're honored to be able to feed our families and create legacy while doing it. 

We are thoroughly educated outside of college and it's debt. Plus, we are well versed in branding, marketing, and the foundational principles of operating a business on our own. 

We are purposeful and passion driven instead of money hungry, but we don't play about creating our coins.

We are focused on showing up professionally, mastering our skill and creating an experience that provides a legacy for our families. 

We are The League of Extraordinary Smile Maker's and we set the bar for "Basic Techs".
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JB28 (2).jpg

Branding Electives

(choose 1 with Tuition)

  • BRNDCNCPT101: Creating a Scroll Stopping Brand Concept Design 101


  • CE101: Development of Top Tier Client Experience 


  • BS101: Strategizing your Social Media Presence for Success


  • BRNDID101: Brand Identity Design & Development

Marketing Electives

(choose 1 with Tuition)

  • CC101: The Profit of Community Connection through Sponsorship, Partnerships, and Vending


  • OFFL101: Offline Marketing Techniques for Instant Local Traffic


  • OSALES101: Perfecting The One Man Sales Team


  • SYSTEMS001: Developing Automated Systems That Sell

1C1A9432 (1).JPG

Skillset Curriculum

(everything included)

  • HIS101: The History of Cosmetic Teeth Services

  • DENTAN 101 & 102: Dental Anatomy  (Names of Teeth, Numbers of Teeth, Functions of Teeth, etc. 

  • PROFU: Professional Tools Supplies & Usage

  • MASTR104: Step by Step Skill Mastery Instruction

  • TERM104: Master Terminology 

  • Consultation Script & Follow Up Closing

  • LIVE MODEL Practicum 

  • Written Bar Exam & Assessment

If you can picture yourself creating beautiful smiles, applying expertise, and embracing an in demand career that embodies freedom, passion, and financial growth...

Come and Learn Everything about our Smile School

We've received!

Open House Invitation




I'm India! Leader of THE SMILEFIA ( like The Mafia but for Smilemaker' + Master Smiletender at Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge and baabbbyy we have hit numbers in the last couple of years that started with two little certifications just like the ones you are about to get here! 

As of 2023, Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge has serviced over 4,500 Smiles in our city AND Thee Smile School just hit 501 students from all over the U.S.A. 

I am fully committed to training, mentoring, and walking you through how to show up as an expert in this industry with little to no previous experience. As a self proclaimed "college dropout", I never imagined making people smile for a living and being able to do it FULL TIME for the last 4 years.

I don't only want to teach you how to master this skill though. I want you to Master the Marketing, the Branding, and the Business. I want you to Associate with the aspirations of your clients. I want you to get your Bachelors in being booked.

and do it without student loan debt. ..without years and years of classes and without missing valuable time with your family. 

You Ready B? 


The course was awesome and informative. Although it was virtual I feel I received everything I needed. India is an amazing Instructor. 

— Ebony, Certified Teeth Whitening Technician


I greatly enjoyed Teeth Whitening Class. You are a very informative trainer and pleasant person. You made me feel comfortable in class; like I was in good hands. As far as, the gems you gave us on setting up and MARKETING our new business and all the after support you are offering us technicians is magical and greatly appreciated.

Shamika, Teeth Whitening Student

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