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The Smile School

Join the #1 Smile-ologist Training Program in the USA, Get Certified and learn exactly how we turned Two Certifications into Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge, an In- Demand Smile Empire. 

Undergraduate Application

Become a Certified, Preferred, and Paid Cosmetic Teeth Professional in your area through our intensive training packed with the foundational principles of mastering Smile-ologist skills, perfecting your branding, and putting your marketing on 1,000. Our students specialize in Level One services, such as Teeth Whitening, Teeth Jewels and Cosmetic Cleanings. 


Graduate Application

Already Certified, but looking to dominate the industry and propel your smile business into an Smile Empire? Join our Graduate Program. It's action packed with Continued Education training videos, worksheets, E-books, One on One Coaching Calls and more to increase your revenue through new services and proven strategies specific to our Smile Makers Industry. 


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