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While the world is soooo in love...

I'm sitting over here trying to figure out how the hell Imma celebrate and not hate.

Do I even feel like celebrating?

What thee hell am I celebrating again?


Oh, my mother effin self.

I'm dope as sh**, most of the time.

This "Valentine's Day" is going to be about me, loving my own damn self.

Loving this life I have created for me and mines.

Feeling ALL of the feels.


If I stay home, Imma have a nice love session with the kids first. Draw some hearts and sh**, tell them about self care and practice some self love. Last activity, will be a bomb a** bath to put them right to sleep and escape into their big ole' dreams.


Then, it's Mommy Time.

I got a nice bottle of Stella Rose Peach on ice, my Dollar Tree Wine Glass, a quick light face beat, and a playful a** photoshoot in honor of me.


Now, if I feel like hitting the town Imma reserve a section at Party of Two to get my smile right. When I look good, I feel damn good and a white smile with a red lip is all the sexy I need... hmmkay?


The question is, who should be my +1.

- Should it be my mini- me?

She's been wanting some teeth jewels and she's 12 now so I think they're age appropriate.

- Should I invite my bomb a** bestie? She's been needing a "pick me up" and I know this would be perfect. There will be champagne, edibles, a banging playlist, and just some all around escape vibes for us both. We need it.


- Or I can just get two smile upgrades for myself. I am my own Party of Two.

I mean I can have a few mood I'm actually like two women in one, probably.


Either way, while the world is so in love... Imma be in love too. One way or the other.

What's your situation & plans, Boo?

Tell me in the comments... I might have to steal some ideas.

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