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"India, My Breath is not up to Bar."

This had to be the most hilarious email we've received since beginning this cosmetic teeth journey with all of our clients. Because our techs are in someone's mouth daily, we know that plenty of us struggle with bad breath. Some of us are in denial of it, and some of us are ready to combat this plague that keeps us afraid to have up close & in person chats.

If you are ready to win this war, your answer is here and your time is now. Get into these recommendations and share. Believe it or not, your friend may need this info and rather than texting it to him directly, share it to the general public.

Spare him the breakdown of his ego, sis. Help him, but spare him.

We will not conduct conversations in 2020 that offend the nostrils of those who want to hear what we have to say.

Over time, I will be sharing emergency measures for bad breath, and different products to assist. My clients also benefit from our Gin Zen Mouth Spa, which quickly kills bacteria and growths in the mouth and on the tongue. It creates a euphoric frenzy in the mouth that your palettes will appreciate.

But for today, we are sharing Home Remedies. Ways to diffuse the stench immediately with what you have at home. We are raiding our spice shelf, unapologetically.

  • Lets talk Cloves. Cloves are super rich in Eugenol, and are known to be a potent antibacterial. Pop a clove into your mouth and simply dent it with your teeth. This pungent oil will burn a little so keep it moving around the mouth. Continue to bite until the essence disrespectfully intrudes your oral cavities and ten spit it out. DO NOT use clove oil or powdered cloves. They are too strong and can cause burns.

  • Chew on fennel, dill, cardamom, or anise seeds. Anise gives the taste of black licorice. but it kills bacteria in the mouth. The others help to mask the odor of halitosis.

  • Suck on a cinnamon stick. Much like cloves, cinnamon is a effective as an antiseptic.

To create lasting results, choose one of these remedies to adhere to 2-3 times per week.

Let us know how it works for you or your friend!

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