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5 Proven Ways To Stack Coins from Ya Couch!

For hundred of thousands of women across America, these past few weeks have been a nightmare, to say the least. You may very well know this for yourself. How are you holding up? How has it been knowing that days are going by and you are not bringing in an income for the family? I've been there. More recently than you'd think. But I changed the game, my game and I'm here to share with you a few ways you can change your game too. Here are 5 easy a** ways that you can make money from that couch that you've been heading to every morning. Open those curtains and get to work Girl. We don't have time, to waste time. Amen?

You will make it through this, no question.

Here are the 5 Proven Ways to Stack Coins from Ya Couch:

  • Make Ya Move On That Dream I know it's scary as hell but what do you have to lose? You've been thinking about it anyway. The only thing that you really need to do is, be sure to research, research, research. There is plenty of free and low cost assistance for beginners in business. Think about the problems that our world is facing today. All of them, make a list. Decide which touches your soul and think about how you can be the solution to the problem. Go where the competitors are less and dominate that market. Use a super low cost $7 Starter Business Guide to get your wheels turning, and build a solid business thats in demand.

  • Clean Out Ya Closet Yes, I know. You have separation anxiety from that stuff that you don't need or use and some of it still has tags on it. BUT, you are literally sitting on money at this point sis. Go room by room in your house, look around and make a nice pile of all of those things that you no longer NEED. If it's a want, you can get rid of it. Say it with me: I am giving what I want, to get what I need. Once you have your pile, take clear pictures and begin to post to at least 5 reputable sites/ areas. Start with the socials (Facebook MarketPlace, Facebook Buy/ Sell Groups,,, your FB/IG Stories,, etc.)

  • Connect to an All Inclusive Affiliate Unit Listen! Starting a business from scratch can take hella time, energy and strategy. I know. That's why affiliate units are amazeballs. They have done everything for you. The products/services, the website, the marketing content, the packaging, and so much more. These programs pay you to simply share what they offer. Usually commission based but, there is absolutely no cap on how much you can earn per day. Some of the, will train you AND certify you. Like this one, which we highly You're on the phone anyway, mine as well get paid to engage. If you love writing, add your affiliate links to a blog for more traffic.

  • Create Digital Products that Sell Think about the times we are in. Everybody has their phones in their hands, plus we are in an age where instant gratification is instant gratification. It sells. Use what you have to get what you need. Use your voice to read books to children, tutor children online, become a sales representative for a small business. Use your hands to write an e-book, create a bundle of checklists, design a calendar or planner. Use your people skills to develop a course, class, webinar that teaches or explains something you're really good at. If you are good at it, no for sure that there's someone who is horrible at it. This can be cleaning, organizing, cooking, fixing a car, DIY ideas, raising children, entertaining children, applying makeup, etc. Charge $5- $10 per video and get 100 people to purchase (you have way more friends than that on Facebook)... you just made $500 - $1000.

  • Get Ya Credentials Up Honeeeyy, so many Instructors, Organizations, and Educational Institutes are offering diplomas and certifications for thee low low. PLUS, they are offering them virtually... right from your couch, you can rack up! Establish yourself as a professional in a field of your choice. BUT do your research, make sure that the hosts are reputable and thorough in what they are teaching. Check reviews, social media pages, websites, etc. Pick a niche/ industry that you're passionate about and go to town! Love making people feel beautiful? Consider the Beauty Industry. Do you love bringing peace? Become a Minister (yes, thats a thing) or you can consider massages or meditation. Enjoy making people smile? Hone in your comedic skills or get into a Cosmetic Teeth Course. Once you have your stamp of approval, Study, Study and Study some more and then share it with the world!

Whatever you do, take a shower, change ya pajamas, and take off!

After reading this, in about 1 week, there will be absolutely no reason why you aren't generating some type of income for your family.

Click the underlined words to be directed to great resources.

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