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new smile, more life.



    Every month
    Official Top Tier Smile Member Privilege
    • + Guaranteed In House Financing Approval
    • + One FREE Quick Shot of Whitening or Teeth Jewel bi-monthly
    • + 10% Percentage Stake of Smile Insurance per payment
    • + Per Service Benefits
    • + 911 Same Day Reservations

    Every month
    • All of the Privileges listed below
    • + Access to After Hour Reservations
    • + Service Based Privileges
    • + Personalized Amenities File for Custom Lux Experience
    • + Complimentary Consults for new treatments
    • + 30 Day Warranties on All Services
    • + (1) Free Guest Pass to Invite a Guest to the Underground
    • + Priority Reservations on Open Days

    24 HRS of Limited Membership Privileges
    Valid for 7 days
    • One Day Access to our GOLD MEMBER Privileges


Cheers to Your Smile Perfection & Protection Plan

Are you ready to get drunk in love with your smile? To have a customized, smile elevation experience that calms your fears, ends your insecurities, and leaves you snaping selfies, breaking necks and absofreakinglutely obsessed? Well, at our luxurious, super chill, speakeasy themed Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge we're excited to invite you to join our Secret Smile Society and spoil yourself and your smile with all of the options we offer. 


  1. Priority Smile Reservations: Skip the line with exclusive access to our Walk In Days and 911 Requests for same day reservations.

  2. Exclusive Smile Discounts: Receive 10% OFF all Smile Services all of the time. Plus first access to Model Opportunities for new offers. 

  3. Complimentary Consultations: Sit down with our Master Smiletenders and Certified Students to tailor you perfect smile, on the house. 

  4.  Invite to Private Events: Mix and Mingle at our Invite Only social events exclusively for Members.

  5. Warranty on Smile Services: Protect your new smile with our 60 Day Repair Warranty depending on the service

  6. Smile Assurance Program: We are committed to maintaining your dazzling smile with regular touchups and access to your personal Guest Hostess

  7. Referral Rewards: Earn Cash Tips for every Guest you refer who becomes a member. 

  8. Free Guest Pass: Receive (1) Free Guest Pass Monthly for Family/ Friends to Come In 

  9. Luxury Comforts: Enjoy the complimentary amenities of luxury in our Member's Only Booth laced with bottomless champagne cocktails, fire playlists, heated massage chairs, silent headphones, and more at every reservation.

  10. Support Something Way Bigger: Join us in planning and executing smile campaigns and initiatives to prevent suicide, depression, and low self esteem amongst our community. 

  11.  Payment Plan Options: Smile Now, Pay Later Gain Access to both of our Payment Plan Options. One is Guaranteed Approval

12. Virtual Membership Card: Show your Membership Card at Every Reservation for a FREE Take Home Gift 


Secrecy is Key: As part of our secret, exclusive society discretion is a must. You may NOT share anything with anybody accept during Open Bar time periods. And even then, only invite those who you'd invite to stay in your house without you present.

Respect the Code of Conduct: We value a respectful, welcoming, serene atmosphere with a little sprinkle wild. Not to o heavy on the wild but we like to paarrtyyy. Members and Guests who embody our duality are always welcome. PROFANITY is prohibited. 


Stay up to Date: Keep your eyes on the smiles. We are constantly in communication. Make sure you put our number in your phone and save it. Then save our email address in your email contacts We'll even send you a picture to add to the contact.  Let's just make sure our emails hit your Primary inbox instead of your spam.


Indulge in an atmosphere where luxury, comfort, and dope vibes blend seamlessly with state-of-the-art smile care. Our speakeasy-themed office is not just a step back in time; it’s a step up in smile services and social splendor. 


We pledge to provide you with not just a service, but an experience that celebrates the beauty of a confident smile. Our skilled smile artisans are at the forefront of cosmetic innovation, ensuring that your smile is nothing short of perfection in your eyes and to the best of our abilities. 



To maintain the exclusivity and prestige of our society, membership is by invitation or referral only. We seek individuals who appreciate the finer things in life and are dedicated to maintaining their beautiful smiles.


Becoming apart of The Membership at Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge is as simple as choosing your level below.

Per Service Privileges

Teeth Whitening

  • To-Go Sample Whitening Rinse for Maintenance after every reservation

  • FREE Single Level Whitening Gel Upgrade Bi- Reservation

  • Shot of Sensitivity Rinse Pre- Treatment

  • Bonus Color Corrector Smile Bath Pre- Treatment

Crown Royal Reservation
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Ortho- Supervised Braces

  • Unlimited Colorways

  • FREE Bracket Replacements (up to 4 per Tighten Up) 

  • 25% OFF Braces Baths 

  • 25% OFF Bi Annual Cosmetic Cleaning

braces1 .png
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Pop In Partials

  • FREE Fitting Reservation

  • FREE In House Adjustments as needed

  • 25% OFF Pre Partial Teeth Whitening Treatments

  • Impressions Left on File for duplicate sets if needed

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Teeth Jewels

  • 30 Day Warranty 

  • Choice of any Shade, Size or Shape 

  • 10% OFF 18K & 22k Designer Jewels

  • FREE Teeth Jewel Removal 

  • 10% OFF Vodklean Jewel Cleansing & Polishing Spray

Top Shelf Jewel
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Bonding & Veneers

  • 30 - 60 Day Warranty for Repairs

  • FIRST Polishing FREE

  • 25% OFF Pre Service Whitening Treatment

  • Complimentary To-Go Whitening Rinse for Maintenance

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