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do you love our brand?
do you know people who will benefit from our smile services, products, and name jewelry? can you take a little extra income weekly?

Our Virtual Launch Lounge is power packed and designed to give our Bartenders ( everything you needed to launch, manage, and maximize on our Smile Lounge and E-commerce Jewelry Bar
business models.

We have helped over 100 women make a few extra dollars within the last year through our proven framework.
The fact is that there are two things people usually remember about people... and that's their name and their smile.

As Bartenders, with our services and products, we make sure both are impossible to forget. 
Everybody wants to own a business. Everybody's starting businesses, everywhere. But having the skills and the products is only Step One.

You also need to have bomb a** branding and marketing, gain loyal clients, manage your inventory, automate your systems and processes, create a website that sells and not to mention the day to day operations.

That sounds like a lot right?

Not when you join an established business and have a team. 
Untitled design.png

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You've spent money on top of money on vendor lists to get the best products for your audience and you still have the products sitting at home with hardly any profit returning. 

  • You've watched hours on top of hours of videos designed to show you how to make money on social media but every time you post a business related post, you can hardly get a like.. not to mention a sale. 

  • One day you're super pumped about your business and then weeks go by and you can't find the time nor energy to get anything done related to your business. 

  • You know you want to start a business, but everything that's actually worth investing in is way too expensive for your budget to get started. 

  • You currently own a business, but you want to add something fresh and profitable to increase your income and change more lives.

and we get it. You just need to know step- by step how to kick start some cash. How to immediately make money with a new service or product.

Well, here's how our Bartender Membership will get you some extra pocket cash.

This is the actual business plan we put in play to generate over $7K within our first 30 days of business and continue to use as we hit a little over 50K this year. It walks you through brand identity, marketing strategies, values, mission statement, profit margins, systems and processes, production, etc. You can be a mobile Technician, have a studio, or own strictly from your phone. 
 24+ Intense Business Training Sessions, to include but not limited to creating marketing material, turning inquiries into buyers, proven ways to upsell, building strong client relationshipsEvery training is designed to  set you up for success and make sure you are able to generate additional income on a weekly basis without adding tons of hours to your workload.  


One of the most important parts of partnering with us is having the tools to do so and a team to help. This partnership includes a highly functioning website and mobile app for your customers to easily book and buy. Plus, we provide social media content for you to post and walk you through the apps needed to conduct thorough business. We have a team of Servers, as your customer service. You will not miss a dollar or a beat. 

Sometimes we need a little bit of personal TLC for our businesses. As a Bartender, you will have access to six One on One strategy and action sessions. Each session will be full of sales driven actions that can be immediately implemented into your business. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have specific to your brand of Thee Jewelry Bar and Smile Lounge.  

Double Up! During the course of you becoming a Bar Owner, you are being trained to train others. We are training you extensively to be sure you are equipped to properly and thoroughly train and educate other students in your state. The mission of our business is to serve confidence, and it's something about getting money that makes you feel good. Right? Share the opportunity! 

At every level of your new business there is an opportunity for you to increase your sales. You can reach customers all over the nation with our products and if you aren't ready to purchase our products wholesale. Then we'll drop ship them for you. Your customer orders on the site and we ship it directly to your customer. Plus, as a Bartender you have access to purchase most supplies from us at our wholesale rates. 


Content is King and most businesses fail due to their inability to market to the correct audience with the best materials. Daily, we are dropping marketing tips and tricks plus content specifically geared towards our industry and audience. This paired with your one on one bar strategy calls is going to change ya life.
Annnnddd you can upgrade your products and packaging with branded labels. We print those for you and add them to your shipments. 
Start a side business under a business with a proven plan (saves time, energy, and money), gain new skill sets (to be used in any business venture), form valuable partnerships and pass the game to your children's children. 

Hey Hey! I'm India.

I'm thee Owner of Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge. By day, I transform smiles with teeth whitening and teeth jewels buuuttt by night I'm a custom name jewelry designer. Now, 24/7 I'm a mom of two little ones and a wife.

Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge is my baby and we generated $7K in our first 30 days and have since generated over $50K being 1 month shy of 1 year in business.


It has always been my mission to use what I have to help women feel and be absolutely amazing. I have this brand. So I use it everyday to do exactly that by literally putting a smile on their faces, putting their names all over every piece of jewelry we own, and putting them in a bomb a** position to make a consistent cash flow. 

As a Bar Owner you are not only a result of this mission but you are now also apart of our mission. You will be an extension of support to women who want to feel and be absolutely amazing.




Brittany J, Dual Certified 

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a cosmetic teeth student. India was knowledgeable, patience, fun, and personable . She did a very good job explaining and making sure we understood each step.  I appreciate her service and would definitely recommend anyone to take courses with her.


Brittany H, Dual Certified

Thank you so much India for your impeccable leadership skills and ALL that you do for us even after we graduate. You give us awesome branding and marketing tools/strategies to see us all win. 


Bajha W,

Jewelry Bar Owner

I am so thankful for you putting me in this position. All of the answered questions, mini calls, and one on one advice you give. I couldn't have done this without you. We are a team.

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