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Allegedly...In the hustle and bustle of Parkville, on the business block, there is a hidden haven, tucked away under a Red Velvet Rope. Catering to and searching for the smile elevation of Baltimore's Essentials. The people who keep the candle burning in their families and communities but have lost their own smile.  Each smile reservation is an exclusive event because their smiles become the star of a private smile party. A hush affair, FOR THE INVITED ONLY.  A hidden gem and secret rendezvous operated by Dental Student Artisans. An enclave of private smile transformation and elevation. Five years later, over 4,700 plus smiles served, and with hundreds of student smile artisans certified within the walls. They say your smile is their best kept secret.

All of this is alleged tho.

We may or may not actually exist.


Curious? Text INVITE to (855) 712- 9522

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Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge

Certified Student Owned & Operated since 2019 

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