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Each Smileoligist Starter Case includes 100+ supplies to service your first 15+ clients and your Professional Whitening and/ or Curing lights. If you order BOTH kits, it will arrive in ONE dual Case that includes double of the general supplies. Your Lights will be shipped separately directly from our vendor. 


The service specific supplies will NOT be doubled (Whitening Light, Curing Light, Adhesive, Gels, Jewels. 

Each Box is valued at over $517.00


To list a few of the supplies:


(1) Professional LED Whitening Light (Whitening Case)

(1) Advanced Curing Light (Teeth Jewels Case) 

(20+) Dental Bibs (general)

(1)  Bib Clips (general)

(3) 5ml Professional Grade Whitening Gels

(10) Small Trays (general)

(10) Shot Cups (general) 

(10) Cheek Retractors (general) 

(50) Cotton Rounds (general) 

(135) Advanced Swarovski Crystals 

(1) Dental Adhesive Kit

(1) Sterile Tray 

(10) pairs of Gloves (general)

(50) Microbrushes (general)

(1) Shade Guide for Whitening 

(1) Typodont for Teeth Jewels 

(1) Stylish Carrying Case

Smile-ologist Starter Case

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