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Welcome to the wonderful world of, gold plated Earl cuz everything we throw up, blow up. - Ye.

You don't have to stop telling the world about us for free...but we'd much rather pay you for your acts of love.


Step into the private chambers of Thee Jewelry Bar & Smile Lounge Ambassadors where  we are  dedicated to making our city smile again. Our speakeasy smile elevation experience is not only a delicacy for the actual smiles of our Guests, but our social events, bar products and entire concept was created to make them smile. As an Ambassador, you'll be apart of our exclusive circle known as The Smilefia Family. 


1. Initiation: Complete our Ambassador Application to be considered 

2. Secret Induction: If accepted, you'll receive a private invitation to our induction ceremony

3. Rewards & Incentives: Receive your secret password to share with potential Guests and receive

  • Smilefia Tips: Earn Cash Tips for  each New Guest referral.

  • Cosmetic Smile Points: Enjoy        Ambassador Exclusive Discounts on Model Calls and Select Services/ Products. 

  • Hush Money: Receive additional bonuses for Event Tickets and Products sold. 

4. Ambassador's Academy: Participate in a series of workshops that focus on marketing and content creation. You will gain access to proven prompts, strategy and even our Lounge for you to get creative and get to the money. 

5. Exclusive Gatherings: Get private invites to Networking Events hosted by brands we collab with where our target audience will be present and you can secretly pass out Guest Passes with your private code attached.


6. Recognition & Growth: Plus, you'll attend our Annual Ambassadors Awards where we recognize our most influential Ambassadors and Top Earners of the year. 

7. Community Involvement: Engage in and create for our "Smile At a Stranger" Community Service Projects with an initiative to promote and create smiles for those who are in need. Ambassadors also participate in our creative strategy meetings to help plan campaigns and events.

The Smilefia Family is not just an Ambassador's Program; we are a smile movement that empower our Guests to live life and love self, genuinely and happily. Join Us, and together we'll unlock an era of new smiles, more life. 

Sign Up here to gain access to our Ambassador's Application

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