Let's toast to you!

Because you have found your happy place.
Right here with us!

Heeeyy! I'm India, Thee Six Figure Smile Curator, Head Bartender and Master Certified Cosmetic Teeth Technician here at Thee Jewelry Bar and Smile Lounge where we love to see you smile! 

We have created a top quality, urban experience here to bring you extreme comfort as you elevate your smile with us. 

Plus, we have this bomb a** Jewelry Bar for you to come and put ya name on all of our hand designed customs. They call us the handmade Jewelry Dealers. 

We have served over 2K Smiles within the last two years and are super excited for your upcoming smile reservation. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to hit our Lounge Line and speak with a Smile Bartender (410) 205- 9627.
We're available via call or text!

See you soon Gorgie! e