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Land that Mother Effin Position, Sis. 

Whatever that position may be for you.

A promotion, a new business, a phat ring, that magazine cover, driver seat of that big body Benz, under the 400 thread count sheet in the bed of your new 8 bedroom home.

Whatever it is...Land that ish*. Unapologetically.

First Impressions are thee key.

That dress, that walk, and baabbbyyy...that bomb a** smile that always steals thee show.

And if ya dont know now you know.

Studies show that people with cosmetically appealing smiles land 78% more jobs on the spot than those who do not.

And lord knows that man you've been praying for will see your smile and start signing up for mail from Zales...hmmmkay.

So, what are we doing?

We are eating right, reading our Bible, doing our kegels, taking hot showers, hitting the massage table weekly, plus any and everything else that does our soul good.

Cuz when we feel good radiates first through the smile we wear.

and when we look good...shwoooo. You know what that does.

Does the body better than milk.

Smile inside first, let that glow show and flash those pearly whites. Need a new smile?

Go get one....then go for it. Hard.

Its 2020, we not leaving nothing on the table. If we want it, we get it...Period Pooh.

Put a smile on it...everywhere, and watch it work 😁💋

Do Woman's Work with us today on thee Socials:

Post your favorite smiling selfie with hashtag #landingtheeposition

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