we design, we package, we ship....
you cash out.

ready to be a bomb a** bartender?

Start your Online Mini Bar  with thee fastest growing,  U.S Based, Black Woman owned, Jewelry Bar and Smile Lounge that gives women the chance to make direct cash from anywhere and everywhere. Our Bartenders share our smile giving products, services, and courses with everyone you know on every platform you own. Your goal, always, is to give our guests a rewarding online experience with our brand that ultimately puts cash in your account. 

You may have heard horror stories when it comes to vendors and dropshipping. 

... orders taking 3-4 weeks to arrive from China 


... you not being able to see the items before they're delivered to your customers


... the headache and time of creating a website from scratch for your customers to place orders.


... and not to mention the dreaded thought of knowing how to effectively market your business online and off- line.



that's why it's a great idea to use an all inclusive brand, based in the U.S. We've been able to curate Online Mini Bars for plenty of women who are either at home and need a new income or who are at work and need a supplemental income. 


what's included?

  • Full list of hand designed, customizable, and personalized jewelry designs for your VIP Guests. 

  • Smile Products and Cosmetic Teeth Certification Courses for your VIP Guests

  • A Highly Functional App for you to take orders and appts on the go from your mobile phone

  • The best opportunities to make money while you sleep 

  • Personalized packaging with your name and barcode to increase passive sales (add-on) 

  • Orders shipped directly to your customers within a few days

  • Consistent marketing training and social media content that sells

  • Access to a group of fellow Bartenders where you can also view your orders before they're shipped.

flex hours  | endless earnings  | work from phone

Our Bartenders serve 

confidence, daily.

our frequently asked questions, answered.
How will I get my audience to shop?
Is this now my business?

You will be added into our Bartender Boom Boom Room which is a Growth Group including social media content, marketing strategies, new designs, and 24/7 access to our CEO

Kinda, You are now in partnership with Thee Jewelry Bar to make some cash. Basically, This is your own street in our city

Do I need to have social media pages?

Yes! We will walk you through creating your business social media pages that sell.

Can I start as a Bartender and then upgrade to a Bar Owner?

Absolutely! However, you must reach a certain level in your Mini Bar purchases to do so.