becoming a bar-se!

Thee Jewelry Bar has become a thrive house, on a mission to empower and build people of all ages, races, and creeds. As an affiliate program, we have designed several ways for you to join Thee Bar and ultimately create an additional stream of income to support your dreams and your family.  Take a look below and see which position best fits you! 

smile model./ thee ambassador.

Have you been interested in getting your hands on our customs or cosmetic teeth services, but not sure how to on a budget? Do you take amazingly bomb pictures and have a great social media following? 

Welp, you've landed on the right read. Become a Smile Model with Thee Jewelry Bar and receive 40% OFF of all of your services and customs. Our only requirement is that you share your smile journey and new customs with your audience through creative and engaging pictures and videos.  Ambassadors are for those outside of Maryland who simply receives 15% - 30% from every sale made on our website using their unique discount code.

To Apply: Shoot an email including ( the position of interest, your social media handles, current creative pictures, and why you are interested in the position) to

thee reseller.

Do you love our custom jewelry and would love to offer our designs to your audience. Plenty of Profits, Less Management. Y'all ready for this?  Are you looking for a part- time income that doesn't require much management? Become an Authorized Reseller at Thee Bar. Earn up to 80% per sale by simply sharing Thee Jewelry Bars customs and services, utilizing the TJB content, attending events, connecting via social media and providing an impeccable customer experience for your success at Thee Bar! We train you for the job and mentor you through, to each level up. Our up to date App and Prep Hub provides a hassle free processing system for you and your new clientele. It's a small monthly subscription of $49 to manage your back- office, create content, and keep your mobile app active. 

To Apply: Shoot an email including (your name, contact information, goals for this business, and a time to get on the line for a reseller chat) to 

thee wholesaler.

Have your own brand or storefront? Looking for new designs to offer your customers? Let us distribute to you! Choose your custom designs, purchase from us in bulk (30 MOQ) at 45% off our reg prices and sell to your audience at the price of YOUR choice. Or maybe you want our brand in your storefront, order our wholesale full bar display for your customers to create their own pieces in- store. 

To Apply: Shoot an email including (your name, contact information, goals for this business, and a time to get on the line for a wholesale chat) to In the meantime head over to our "Lets Shop" page to see our customs. There are also a few customs available exclusive to wholesalers only that are not listed on our site. 

host a pop- up.

Here at Thee Jewelry Bar, we have transformed over 200 smiles in the past 4 months with our cosmetic teeth services (teeth jewels and whitening) and it has been our mission to partner with local stylists to bring our Pop- Ups  to you to increase brand awareness and cash flow for us both! Partnership between complimentary businesses is the key to growth and our services most definitely compliment each other. 


How will our Pop Up's benefit your business?


1. Add Value to Your Client Experience -- You will be offering your clients a fresh service that increases their self- care experience at your shop, plus we bring wine! Imagine your clients relaxing under the dryer and getting their teeth whitened at the same time.

 2. Increase Your Followers -- Our followers will become aware of your brand, visit your shop for our services, and book the services you offer during that visit. 


3. Raise Your Coins -- Our Pop Ups easily generate $650+ in a matter of hours, at the end of each Pop- Up you'll get 37% of the total revenue for simply hosting thee Icy White Pop Up.  

To Schedule a Date: Text "Pop Up Date" to (443) 409- 2919