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Welcome to Thee Jewelry Bar!
OMG -- we're uber excited that you had a chance to slide in for a visit! 
Of course, we're somewhere making somebody smile but you can definitely book, shop, and start your new business right here on our site.
Thee Bar is full of options! 
We are dedicated to igniting your confidence through giving you a brighter smile, handmade jewelry with your name on it and thorough a** training that leads you into a new stream of income. 
So, if you're here for teeth whitening or teeth jewels, click Book Appointment from our menu at the top. If you're here to put ya name on it, you can shop our handmade jewels on our Let's Shop page and if you're here to get certified or make some quick cash... well you can do that by simply scrolling down a tad. 
Remember do more of what makes you smile, don't ever forget that your name carries weight, and leave no bags on thee table. YOU ARE THEE TABLE! 

will you be best as a  

bartender or bar manager?

Are you here to make some fast cash or are you ready to build a bomb a** business for the long term? 


Are you better at helping to fulfilling the vision or do you have a vision of your own to fulfill?

Our Bartenders are Front Runners... Team players who adopt Thee Jewelry Bar as your own and share our menu with your family, friends, and followers to earn daily bar tips. They don't have a lot of extra time but they use the extra time they have to make money from their phone through our brand. 

Our Bar Managers are Owners. Bar Managers are certified, trained and skilled to run a Smile Bar of their own that includes one or many of the products/services we offer. They are laser focused, creative, and responsible to develop a brand that creates a legacy for their families.  


You know you. 

Choose your cash flow! 

We're here for it. 

what will you add to 

your bar menu?

Name Jewelry 

There's something bad a** about a woman who puts her name on errythang... like checks, and jewelry.

Tell ya clients to shop custom with you

"Come and put ya name on it"


Are you in MD or a state where we have certified techs? Get your clients booked for a luxury, in- office teeth whitening treatment, guaranteed to ignite their inner Beyonce. Our advanced grade, enamel safe, whitening gel shows instant results. Also, checkout our in- home whitening kits.



As seen on thee hottest celebrities, we offer and apply teeth jewels ranging from advanced swarovski crystal to 18K Gold/ White Gold designs like Chanel and Gucci. Like Hov said

" it ain't for everybody".

Your teeth jewel clients are thee chosen ones. 

Certifications & Courses

We have our stakes in thee Billion Dollar Cosmetic Teeth Industry. Level up your clients by offering them a new credential or let them double up and become dual certified in both teeth whitening and teeth jewels. 

We train them, we certify, and we navigate them through the industry. 

ready to change your life?


India is an awesome instructor. I took her Dual Course and left knowledgeable and with everything I needed to know.  Super glad I made this investment.

Saraiya Robinson, Dual Certified Cosmetic Teeth Tech

Um, what you waiting for? Let's get to it... today!

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evening appointments available upon request. 

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