Your Cosmetic Starter Case can be added separately.

It  is absolutely no secret that thee Cosmetic Teeth industry is a billion dollar industry. But, it is thee best kept secret, however that you can become a Certified Technician in less than one week, in any state you're in, and at your own pace. Plus, Techs are currently making $150+ per hour, so the money isn't funny at all. 

Our Certification Courses are designed to take you from a Beginner in this industry to a PAID Professional within 30 days.

Which Cosmetic Service would you like to offer?

Cosmetic Teeth Whitening or Cosmetic Teeth Jewels?

Oh, well you don't have to choose. Become Dual Certified and offer both! We do! 


Your Cosmetic Box has been strategically developed to get you started with your new service being fully prepared to service your first 10- 15 clients, next day. It can be added on at the bottom of our original training page. 

Have Questions? Email us theejewelrybar@gmail.com

Teeth Whitening Cosmetic Case:  

  • 1 Laser Whitening Light

  • Sterile Tray

  • (20) Dental Bibs & (1) Bib Clips

  • (4) Gingival Barrier Tubes

  • (4) Remineralizing Gels

  • Travel Case

  • (10) Small Trays

  • (3) 3mL Professional Grade Whitening Gels

  • (1) Protective Goggles 

  • (10) Pairs of Gloves 

  • (10) Vitamin E Swabs

  • (50) Microbrushes 

  • (50) Cotton Rounds

  • (10) Shot Cups 

Teeth Jewels Cosmetic Case

  • 1 Curing Light

  • 1 Dental Bond Kit

  • 10 Bibs &1 Bib Clips

  • 45 Micro Brushes

  • 10 Small Trays

  • 5 Cheek Retractors

  • 20 Cotton Rounds

  • 1 Sani Tray

  • 1 UV Goggle

  • 1 Travel Case

  • 10 Pairs of Gloves

  • 135 Lead Free Advanced Swarvoski Crystals (3 Sizes)

want to become dual certified? get $100 of your second course too.