We Like To

Thee perfect reason to gather your girls.. or guys

You've never experienced a Bar-ty?

Have you been hiding under a rock? Thee Jewelry Bar has broken open a new avenue of fun, fashion, and good girlfriends....with our Barties.


Barties give friends the space to create bomb a** fashion forward jewelry designs together through hilarious games and chat. Oh, and a hint of libations too.

A Bar-ty is only a Bar-ty when there's 5 or more guests.

Location can be our office or any space you choose.

Our hosts really do the most to make sure you and your guests have thee time of your lives! Let's pair you with a host in your area to get your Barty planning underway.

First, choose your Barty and pick your theme.



Take Flight (30 min treatments for guests)

its quick but rewarding... passport themed

Raise Thee Bar (60 min treatments for guests)

we have expensive standards; results are long lasting .. everything's fancy

Teeth Jewels



Teeth Jewel Bar includes our diamond and iridescent AB crystals in all shapes and sizes.

Pride (all the colors of representation)

have specific causes or organizations that you want to rep. This is Thee Bar for you.

Custom Jewelry Bar


Thee Red Carpet 

all of your guests are either celebrities or celebrity stylists.

Which will you be? We're designing for thee greats..and shooting for thee magazines. Let's see who's most creative

Amongst Friends

what about your frieends? Who knows you better than them? Well, we'll find out through a series of music inspired challenges and games centered around your girls and their creativity. We're talking 90's R& B, the best of twerk anthems, country hits, etc.

Say My Name

 we're going sexy and cocky, Creating custom pieces that are all about ourselves. Thee Bar is full of words letters, charms plus wire scripting
of your name to add to your design.

Ask about our Queen & Slim Couples Events and

Thee Firm, corporate team building Bartys.

Second, shoot us an email with your name and phone number



Third, answer thee phone.

Sidenote: Want to earn cash and free Bar goodies?

Join our Bar Rep team